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Pursue your passion!

I am at a time in my life and career where I am being called to my tribe, to help and give back. I have realized I must use all of my strengths, skills and experience to be my whole self. I am embarking on adding life design coaching to my business! My approach is all about helping you use your voice, ideas, and make goals in a fun and creative way to move to the next phase in YOUR life!

Experiences I have had up until now along with specific thing I can help with is based off of my background in 17 years of non-profit, for profit work experiences. I have worked as a specialist at Easter Seals of New Jersey, helping to find senior citizens training so they can suppliment their income. I have worked for a small to medium size for profit company that is a cosmetics distribution company to working in health care in corporate talent acquisition where professionalism is everything.

While working in my last role at Penn Medicine, I went to school for my MS in Organizational Development and Leadership, Adult Learning. This is where I learned about facilitation, coaching and leadership. While working at Penn Medicine and going to school part-time, I started an incubator program for the Innovation Center there. I sought talent form the University of the Arts MID program to have design students work on improving programs by getting end user feedback.

After I had my first child, our family moved to Vermont. It was there that I learned other facets of design. I was able to take my dream of building and designing my dream house in the mountains of Waterbury, VT and became a home designer, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer. I made space in Vermont to become the artist I always was.

Vermont was the first place I set up my first pop-up studio in my garage. I later planned on finishing the space above my garage as my permanent studio. However, life had different plans and now I sit in my house in Philadelphia in the lovely Bella Vista where I have designed my first studio! It is where I work while my kids are at school. I have made a work/life balance that fits me and my family.

In my studio, I have an eclectic mix of old and new. I love the philosophy of wabi sabi, worn in linen, displaying my hand made ceramics from over the years mixed in with brass animal figurines and plants. My eclectic design mix has made my studio an oasis and sanctuary as well as my place of work!

If anything, I have learned that investing in my life, my space, has made me happier. I sit and practice the discipline of painting. I listen and ask good questions. If you are looking to find someone who will support you in transitioning to a well-lived joyful life full of flow and freedom, I am here to support. I am offering a free 20 minute consultation to my services. All details can be found on my coaching page on my website or you can email me:

I am here to help you use all of your strengths and to reach for new growth.

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