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Creative lifestyle design + Small Biz Coaching

When I was working on my masters in Organizational Development and Leadership in Adult Learning, my favorite class was coaching. The exercises we went through made us into very good listeners. One exercise was to lock eyes for 2 minutes straight with out saying a word! It's not easy - what I learned though was very cool. It's all about body language, then words in a tone.

In order to be a good coach, you have to be a good listener. You have to help set goals with your coachee and when they veer off those goals help them understand awareness of reasons they might have gone off course. And then you ask good questions. It is a mindful approach.

During my time in my classes, I used intuition and read between the lines of what my classmates were telling me about a problem they needed to solve. I was told I was a good coach by my teacher and that I had a knack.

One of my other cherished classes was Gestalt Coaching, Creative Business practices and Consulting. I am super excited to start on this path where I help by asking, what would it be like if you could start living in your sweet spot in life?

I will be hosting a Creative retreat at Rally Coffee to address this question. Creativity flows in and out of all of us all the time. It is when we feel the most joy and time just dissolves. I hear people say, I am not creative. I just want to hug them. Yes! your are. Do you like to cook, do you like to collect shells on the beach, do you like to write, paint, the list goes on.

What I look forward to doing is help you on your journey to gain creative confidence - to have more space for what you love, for your head space and heart space. The number one reason why we don't do more of what we love is because of time. These workshops are designed to reserve that time and space to explore. In addition to this time and space, I will offer one-to-one coaching.

I am a multi-passionate creative person, artist and designer. I have a lot of experience in many diverse areas. I designed and built my home in Vermont, I made a pop up art studio in my garage at my house. Now I currently have the studio I have been dreaming of. Now I am here to help you design a life that better suits you and your desires and goals!



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