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Helping the homeless from your home this Thanksgiving.

Hi friends!

My son, Ryan has become very aware of the homeless in Philadelphia and has grown concerned. Moving from Vermont, it is very apparent people need help because there are more people on the streets here.

He always wants to know why they became homeless, where they eat, where they sleep and how they get clothes. And lastly, are kids homeless. As a parent is it my responsibility to show him the truth. But what do we do with that truth once we know? It has become our families duty to now show him that we can do something about it. In this digital age, it has now become my goal to help my son send an S.O.S.

In the next few weeks we will be setting up shop, physically and digitally. He wants to do a lemonade stand or hot apple cider in front of our house and raise some money for a local homeless shelter for Thanks Giving.

The problem is people don’t carry cash around anymore. Which spurred my idea of asking people to use Venmo or Pay pal. This then gave me the idea to extend this to my digital friends who want to help. I will be hosting Instagram stories on the days we will do the physical stand. This way you can also participate if you live out of Philadelphia.

I am going to try to figure this out so I can ask my digital friends to contribute;) You in?

If you donate $25.00, you will receive an illustrated mug woodblock print that I made! You will need to provide me your email address and address attn to:

All proceeds will go to a local homeless shelter that helps homeless children and their families, this may also include homeless veterans.


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