On a cold grey day in Vermont, Lauren Johnson began her journey of expression through painting after years of working for decades in other mediums as an artist.  With her two young children in tow and a dream, she started Lauren Johnson Studio in her pop-up garage studio in Waterbury, VT.


After several years living in Vermont and a deeper love of art and nature, Lauren relocated back to Philadelphia in 2018 with her husband, children, and dog where she continued her passion for painting and creating in her in-home studio. 

2020 brought about immense changes for the world and life at home. After 15 years of living out of New Jersey, she returned to the NJ Shore.


Lauren grew up in the central New Jersey Shore area where she lived the coastal life.  It was there that she began her deep relationship with nature and the sea.  Her coastal upbringing created a life of respite and relaxation that has stayed with her throughout her life. Nature and the sea as her source of inspiration, she paints abstract art and modern impressionism landscapes which provide moments of peace and tranquility, providing calm for herself and her viewer. 


Her style has also been inspired by artists ranging from abstract expressionism, such as Helen Frankenthaler to impressionism such as Matisse and Monet. They inspired her to explore color and form, expressions and gestures of beauty and gratitude for the beauty she sees in nature. Japanese culture also plays a role in her work through the philosophy of wabi-sabi, enjoying the simplicity and finding solace in the perfectly imperfect.


She seeks to explore creativity , craft and artistry across many diciplines. Whether the medium is acrylic, oil, watercolor, Japanese woodblock print, photography or clay, Lauren is drawn to express emotions and thoughts through her artwork.

Garage studio practice in Waterbury, Vermont.

Studio in Bella Vista,
Philadelphia, PA

Back to the NJ Shore.