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This is about you!  Your are looking to make space for yourself, you are multi-talented and need to express that!  I get it, I've been there.

You are busy and want to find a way to slow down in your own space, maybe make a craft, pursue your passion or start your small business? We all need to feel connected to ourselves and be in that place of flow and freedom that your current job may not give you.  I get it!  I was that person.

From my studio we will connect with a community of like-minded people who . We will work with your vision and your voice for your business, for your life.  I am here to empower you in your journey to flow and freedom so you can live your life on your terms in an inspired and joyful way.

We all have a dream or two but not everyone gets to execute on that dream.  It's not because of laziness.  It's usually because there is a lack of support and mentorship through the process.

I am here to help with the how.  I am your support and accountability partner!  I am the person for you that I wished I had when i needed to make a change but didn't know how.

My life experience are going to help you get to your next level.  I can help you save time, money and agony over the thing you are most drawn to yet can't make space for.....Yet.

I can help you find the answer.

Are you ready?

What is your dream that you want to make happen?  Let me be the one who backs you 100%.  I will be your cheerleader and support as we explore your vision for your life.

I am a good listener and I ask the right questions.  This is what makes a good coach.  I will let you discover what lies with in your heart and mind on your own.  This is going to be empowering for you and you will feel a sense of accomplishment (because it will be my job to remind you to).

This will be a process of designing your life.  We will use guided tools and many other fun exercises to help you achieve your definition of success.


Let's chat for 20 minutes to see if we are a good fit! 


  • 1:1 over 3 - 6 months through the process of designing your life as the path to making your ideal life a reality.

  • We will meet every other week for 1 hour via ZOOM, phone or in person in my art studio (for a total of 12 sessions).

  • You will receive a welcome packet with resources you need based on your initial needs assessment.

  • I will help you with your action plan by the end of each session with an end date in mind.

  • In between your visits you will get unlimited email access for questions and added support.

  • At the beginning of each session, I will review what you were able to accomplish from the last time we met.

  • We will go over anything holding you back and celebrate your wins!

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