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Inspiration to Creation - An online creative retreat

I help clients explore creative confidence online in a creative retreat. We explore what your vision is in creating or envisioning living in your next phase. What would it be like if you were in an environment where you were uninterrupted in time to focus on your desires/goals?
Inspiration to Creation - An online creative retreat

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About The Event

We are all here for a purpose and we are all creative. That's my core belief and value and I will guide you through my 5 step process to gain creative confidence! In this 3 month bi-weekly class via zoom, we will explore this through 5 steps I created based on my experience as a creative. I want you to step into your purpose!

Topics Include:

Purpose/ A path with heart


Empower your true colors

Future you/ working from vision


What would it be like if you could start living in the life as the best version of yourself? What would it be like if you were surrounded by like-minded people wanting to accomplish this goal, surrounded by good music, beauty and uninterrupted time to focus on your desires and goal? The laws of the universe show us that you attract what you focus on.

If you want more freedom, creativity and a more fulfilling life, the best way is to experience this first hand. When you create, you feel more creative and then become more aware of the beauty abound. When you put yourself in an inspiring environment, you are inspired. When you surround yourself in positive surroundings, you feel more positive!

Our vision for this mini retreat (and future retreats) is to create an environment that is restful, inspiring - full of nature, art, peace and time to rejuvenate. Something magical and transformative happens when you allow your mind a moment of space to create and the freedom to try something new!

The experience of time and space to create will leave you feeling light, inspired and encouraged to continue using your inspiration to create!

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